Toby's Estate - Apparel

The Toby’s Estate brand had previously long suffered from numerous different expressions which have tended to confuse the perception of exactly who they are and what their personality is. In creating the staple apparel range for Toby’s, we’ve paired the brand back to a new conservative normal, or foundation. 


Apparel Design & Creative Direction


Toby's Estate




From here, with this safe anchor point, Toby’s will have the permission to express itself in more outlandish and crazy ways, with the core brand always there to fall back on and guide the way.


The staple range was worked on with Tim from Marle Group and photography by Tony Vesiris.

The photography, based around life in your everyday corner cafe. Real, editorial and un pretentious in the shoot style. For a more slick shoot we would ditch the every day cafe props and accessories, but utilising the high flash, the items catch this light and create a very gritty and haphazard type beauty.