The Goodsline - Branding

When your client says "Hey I want to make the menu a little bit weird and wild", you get all excited and think to yourself "I'd do that for free!". You don't though. You keep that to yourself, launch a quote their way and see if it sticks. Great result; ...


Brand Development, Signage, Website, Socials, Packaging, Coprywriting


The Goods Group




The Goodsline both paid me for this project and as expected it was a lot of bloody fun!


In the early 1900’s 'The Goods Line' was an industrial freight railway connecting Sydney’s inner west industrial suburbs to the ports and docks of Pyrmont. Now, not a lot of freight is happening but they are still about connecting Sydney's inner west.


Carrying the train inspiration even further, just as in train stations of old, the venue is a place of exchange, community and industry. In its stunning fitout you’ll see classic vintage features, beautiful old world booths and a centre bar showing off a coffee set up that screams top end specialty coffee. And that’s exactly what you’ll get.

The approach with the brand was to reference those same inspirations of these stunning features but to also offset their formality with a more relaxed and fun brand that both disarms and invites. Cheeky slogans and a cross section of European milk bar meets vintage graphics; brought to life by a light hearted colour palette and type.

Within the menu is a slightly outrageous story about a train that went off the tracks - a real page turner - complete with mid century style illustrations brought to life by the very talented Fabio Buonocore Illustration.