Ranger Sim

Ranger Sim is a coffee brand born of the idea that making incredible coffee does not have
to take itself so seriously. A brand that dare's to connect and drop it's guard as such, that does not hit the cliché points of the industry but rather show's that it's human and has humour.


Brand Development, Packaging


Ranger Sim



Iso mock up - cvoer.jpg

mark. enjoyed exploring retro queues as well as care-free almost child like type illustrations to create a brand with the power to endear and be enjoyed. Water pistols, cowboy hats and a brand mark that parallels with a child's mark of ownership on their favourite toy.

When Sydney began, there was also Ranger Sim, Ranger Cecil Sim to be precise. Caretaker of Sydney's

Parramatta Park, ‘Nurse and protector of the birds and animal’s’. Basically tip-top marriage material.

That’s where our coffee comes into it. If it were a person, you’d want to marry it. Fairly tolerable, a good
listener and will rarely let you down.