Jane - Surry Hills - Branding

Meet Jane, nothing to do with Tarzan, a lot to do with incredible. Add a dash of genuinely seasonal and locally focussed food, a splash of home-grown talented chefs and ringa-ding-ding we have a winner.


Brand Development, Signage, Website, Socials, Packaging






The intent behind Jane’s branding was to straddle the line between creating a classic euro-retro kind expression, capturing a sense of maturity, history and sincerity indicative of a long standing local institution; then complimenting or even juxtaposing this by youthful retro sparks throughout. A metaphor as such for the characteristics of its name sake.

Inspired by Co-Founder Chef Tristan Rosier’s grandmother, Jane is the compliment to their first venue Arthur (Tristan’s late grandfather).

Throughout the brand we’ve played with certain understated expressions such as subtle embossings and textured finishes; exploring a sense of refinement and aged confidence. Then, upon flipping a coaster or opening a menu we’re met with an explosion of colour, a retro style floral pattern inspired by Jane’s love of Dhalia’s a stunning variety of flower she cultivates in her very own garden.